Chicken Taco Bowls with Warm Corn Salsa

This dinner started as a creamy chicken taco casserole but ended up as the title above states.  The reason why is because I forgot to pick up cream cheese when I went to the grocery store on my lunch break and it was raining when I got home so…I had on flats which do not mix well here in Florida.  You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now but nope.  I love flats and I’m not afraid to admit it!  I’m rambling…here’s the recipe!


Chicken breasts (I used cutlets)

Chicken Broth

Taco seasoning (I used my own mix)

Mexican style cheese

Tortilla shells

Ovenproof bowls

I started by cleaning then seasoning the chicken, making sure that it was thoroughly coated.  If the chicken had more time to marinate, I would have used a lot less than in the pictures.  I then poured the chicken broth over them, opting for that instead of water because I was afraid that the chicken would be tasteless, not having ample time to marinate.  Once they were covered and coming to a boil, I took the tortilla shells and made a taco shells then baked them in the oven for 10 minutes.


Canned corn

Diced stoplight peppers

Diced onions

Diced tomatoes (i used canned)


Olive oil

I started the salsa by sauteing the peppers and onions in the oil then put the corn on top, followed by the tomatoes and cilantro then added some of the broth from the chicken to make sure that the taste was cohesive throughout.  I then covered and let simmer over medium heat.


Once the chicken was done, I chopped it and layered it in the taco bowl followed by the warm salsa and cheese.

IMG_5315 IMG_5319 IMG_5324 IMG_5327 IMG_5331 IMG_5333 IMG_5328 IMG_5330 IMG_5334 IMG_5338 IMG_5340


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