She Gets It From Her Mama

One of my mama’s favorite sayings is “I’ll find somebody to give it to!”  It applies to nearly everything.  Clothes, shoes, pots and pan, bedding, pictures.  You name it and it would probably apply but she’s a giver and a fixer which is why we all love her.  Oh and she is the reason I love to craft things.  She was always finding things at what she calls “my stores” (thrift shopping) and making it like new or even better than it was before.

A few days ago I was determined to clean out the office in the closet.  It is our catchall.  Overflow from the pantry, crafting stuff, my writing, the vacuum cleaner, That Guy’s and Suga Booga’s tote of Lego pieces and projects, files of important (at least to That Guy) papers, and Cricut stuff, office supplies, and my supplies for school.  You get the picture.

So I went to Home Depot on my lunch break earlier this week and picked up some flip top totes for $5.  Last night I finally attempted to tackle it and I found justification for nearly everything there and organized everything.  As I was sorting through the bins, my phone went off so I checked it and a few minutes later I went back to finish what I was doing.  Utterly confused now because my sorting flow was interrupted, I opened the purple tote and thought “What the heck is all this crap?” then I shook my head in laughter then shame before I giggled.  It had become a “I’ll find somebody to give it to!” bin or rather “I’ll find something to craft with it!” bin.

Long story short, I’m adding a “Crafty Stuff” tab on the blog.  For two reasons…so you guys don’t think that all I do is cook and so that I hold myself accountable to that overflowing bin.  I have put a piece of tape with the date on every item in there and if it’s not gone within 30, okay maybe 45 days…I’m pitching it.


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