She Gets It From Her Mama

One of my mama’s favorite sayings is “I’ll find somebody to give it to!”  It applies to nearly everything.  Clothes, shoes, pots and pan, bedding, pictures.  You name it and it would probably apply but she’s a giver and a fixer which is why we all love her.  Oh and she is the reason I love to craft things.  She was always finding things at what she calls “my stores” (thrift shopping) and making it like new or even better than it was before.

A few days ago I was determined to clean out the office in the closet.  It is our catchall.  Overflow from the pantry, crafting stuff, my writing, the vacuum cleaner, That Guy’s and Suga Booga’s tote of Lego pieces and projects, files of important (at least to That Guy) papers, and Cricut stuff, office supplies, and my supplies for school.  You get the picture.

So I went to Home Depot on my lunch break earlier this week and picked up some flip top totes for $5.  Last night I finally attempted to tackle it and I found justification for nearly everything there and organized everything.  As I was sorting through the bins, my phone went off so I checked it and a few minutes later I went back to finish what I was doing.  Utterly confused now because my sorting flow was interrupted, I opened the purple tote and thought “What the heck is all this crap?” then I shook my head in laughter then shame before I giggled.  It had become a “I’ll find somebody to give it to!” bin or rather “I’ll find something to craft with it!” bin.

Long story short, I’m adding a “Crafty Stuff” tab on the blog.  For two reasons…so you guys don’t think that all I do is cook and so that I hold myself accountable to that overflowing bin.  I have put a piece of tape with the date on every item in there and if it’s not gone within 30, okay maybe 45 days…I’m pitching it.


Finding Food Balance

Hello, I am Roberta and I’m a junkie.  A carb-sugar-candy junkie.  I love candy, chocolate covered anything, cookies, cakes, ice cream, brownies, pies.  I think you guys get the picture, plus I’m drooling and that’s not a good look.

Now as a self-diagnosed junkie, I know that in order to #1: not go insane from carb withdrawals and #2: continue to lose weight, I have to find a food balance in my life.  I have to know that it’s okay to eat these things but in moderation and moderation doesn’t mean eating half a dozen of cookies but instead, just 1 or 2.  Not to say that I don’t have bad days or even a bad run of days but I don’t rationalize my transgressions with carbs.  Instead I try to figure out what triggered it, correct myself, and start the next day off better.  Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s the hectic day, sometimes it’s that evil, evil broad that takes over my body once a month who wants nothing but Hot Tamales, chocolate covered peanuts, and Coke Zero infused chocolate chip cookies over French vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with the cinnamon sugar bears candy from Target.  Regardless of the cause, it’s about finding that balance and correct myself.

I do realize that when I work out in the mornings, whether it’s going to the gym for weight work, running outdoors, or cursing at Jillian Michaels via her 30 Day Shred DVD, I eat better and have zero cravings for the junk but not every morning is a happy morning and sometimes I just want to sleep in until 5:30am versus 4:45 am.  Those days are tough because I am usually tired and cranky because I didn’t work out.  It’s crazy.

Alright so getting back to “Finding Food Balance”…the balance that I have found has spilled over into our dinners and lunches even though That Guy and Suga Booga aren’t necessarily deep in the carb addiction as I am, cutting carbs where I can isn’t going to kill them.  It’ll make them stronger, right?  (He’s probably going to disagree with this statement but what is he going to do?  Not eat my delicious dinners???  I think not…if he knows what’s good for him…)

Our dinner menus, before Suga Booga started trying new things, were really based around our (okay, my) nutritional needs.  Fish, turkey, chicken…That Guy doesn’t eat beef or pork and even though I do eat beef, I don’t cook it too often because it’s just me.

I’m rambling…here are our planned dinners for the week with recipes and pictures to follow:

Sunday:  Grilled BBQ chicken and veggie packets  (weather permitting)

Monday:  Turkey meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn (because Mondays are usually tough and require comfort food and carbs)

Tuesday:  Baked salmon and veggie packets

Wednesday:  Chicken tacos with chips and salsa

Thursday:  Meatballs and pasta

Friday:  Breakfast for Dinner!!  Pancakes with turkey bacon and eggs

Saturday:  Mommy’s dinner date with Suga Booga

Now I’m off to Sam’s Club, Publix, and the jeweler to pick up my diamond anniversary band from being repaired.  Am I the only person out there who’s left ring finger seems to magically find every hard surface to hit?  I’m not even kidding.  This is my second ring because I lost the entire princess cut diamond from my original engagement ring during a trip to Costco and I’ve had diamonds replaced in this band three times!  Maybe I should just get a tattoo instead but something cute, not tacky because diamonds obviously aren’t this girl’s best friend…

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog

Hmm, what should the first post be about???  It’s hard to write a catchy, honest, real, first blog post so I’m not going to even attempt it.  What I will attempt to do is to tell you about myself and my family so that you can get to know us a little better.

I’m the “Lady of The House” and I am a full-time employee, college student, amateur photographer and baker, crafter, and published author.

“That Guy”, he’s my husband.  An all around good guy who loves his family and the type of guy who never meets a stranger.  (The antithesis of me)

“Suga Booga” is the princess of the house.  She’s sweet, funny, witty, hammy, very precocious, and my heart.

So what will this blog be about?  I initially wanted this to be a beautiful blog with awesome photos of my family and me, beautiful and elegant food photography, and funny things that happen in our lives but I know that that’s waaay too pressure on myself because in the words of a wise woman named Sweet Brown:  “Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!”